BLT Salmon Tacos

Only one more day until the weekend! This one will no doubt be the highlight of my summer because I will be going to Free Press Summer Fest! This will actually be my first time going and the lineup this year is amazing. Free Press only started a few years ago and has really grown big since then. I’m glad there’s something like this in Houston because the music scene here is really subpar compared to Austin or even Dallas.

So I promised my mom that I would clean our oven and she would reimburse me for my ticket. So guess what I’ve been doing all day? My oven is actually really gross so I’ve been scrubbing furiously all afternoon. Money is the best incentive they say.

So for dinner I decided to make something quick with little effort. Check out the recipe here. This website is amazing and it turns out I actually pinned a lot of recipes from it!

I will definitely be making this again, but with a few adjustments. First, more bacon (this is mainly because my dad ate half of the bacon I cooked for this recipe). Second, I used spinach instead of lettuce just because it’s more healthy. I didn’t have any mustard or any other dressing so I used Worcestershire  sauce, which actually didn’t turn out as bad as I anticipated. Next time, I’ll try out the dressing suggested in the recipe because it will probably make a big difference in the taste. Finally, I think I’ll cook the tortillas in a skillet because I like the taste better than just warming them up in the microwave.


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