Black Bean Quesadillas

Hey everyone! I haven’t blogged in a few days just because I’ve been busy with being lazy. Just kidding, I was working too. I decided to make this quick recipe before I left for work this afternoon (I actually ended up being a little late, but this is mostly because I like to waste time).

I love black beans. I love them in omelets, fajitas, quesadillas, chicken, and soup. They’re also super healthy – check out all the benefits here and check out the recipe here.

So this recipe was super easy to make and requires very little ingredients. It’s also very versatile – you could add chicken, shrimp, or any other type of meat if you wanted a little bit more protein. It would also taste amazing with guacamole, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough avocados (thanks Mom). I would also recommend using oil instead of butter to cook the tortillas – I think the oil gives the quesadillas a better flavor, the butter makes them a little dry.

I will definitely be making this in college because I love Mexican food. I don’t eat enough when I’m in school, but when I do, it’s nowhere close to being as good as Mexican food in Texas.


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