Baked Salmon

Since this is my first recipe, I decided to keep it simple. Find the recipe here.

Photo by: Taste of Home

Surprisingly I did not have any tarragon in my house, so I improvised a little. I sprinkled on some basil leaves, thyme, and Adam’s Reserve House All-Purpose Rub. Here’s a little tip: microwave lemon slices for a few seconds and you’ll get more juice.

The salmon turned out pretty well! Really moist, but inconsistent flavor through the fillet. This was most likely my fault. But I will definitely cook this recipe in the future because it is outrageously simple, easy, and quick. For a side, I put together a spinach salad, with orange chunks, red onion slices, and baby carrots with Italian dressing. This was literally all we had in my house because my parents have absolutely no variety in their meals since my 3 older siblings and I all left for college. But pretty much any kind of vegetable always goes with salmon.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post my own pictures soon, but until then I’ll take what I have!


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